Now would you! Look at that! He is so embarrassed. He is so shy. He has never seen such an alien and friendly girl in his life. God bless His Little Heart. Oh my lord., Jesus. This little boy is too good. Too sweet! I love him. Do you love him? You obviously don't love him as much as I do. No one could. This is Xefros. This is him. He is just a nice boy. Such a sweet and good person. God. I wish Xefros was rreal. That way I could tell him everything is going to be okay and he is good and safe. And his tossy friend, Danmeck too! because it would make him happy. They are good friends! Chums and pals. Just like his budding friendship with Joey here. You do agree he deserves to be happy, right? You do want him to have a good time with his friends? A jolly, happy, jovial, time,? Good. I'm glad. I'm glad he exists. He is a good, kind, strong boy who needs to think more of himself. He makes me happy. My life has been changed by him. He has touched it with his foolish troll baseball routines and uncertianty and bravery outside of his perception. He is a good and kind person. He deserves the best. Don't you agree?
> Of course!
> Not particularly.